momose MT1-STD/NJ (3TS) 【即納可能】
DW(ディーダブリュー) / DW-9002XF [Extended Footboard / ロング・フットボード・バージョン / セミハードケース付属] -ツインペダル -
YAMAHA Absolute Hybrid Maple 3pc Drum Set [AMB1814PWH + AMF1413PWH + AMT1208PWH / ポーラー・ホワイト] 【タムホルダー・プレゼント!】 【店頭展示チョイキズ特価品】

【お買得!】 #7285 Stock Private Smith》 Reed 《ポール・リード・スミス/Paul PRS Custom24 Purple Dark Neck Flame-エレキギター

Private Stock #7285    Serial Number 18-254569

Model : Custom24
Neck wood : Curly maple
Fretboard Wood : Ebony
Top Wood : East Coast curly maple
Back wood : Swamp Ash
Headstock Veneer wood : Ebony
Neck Carve : Pattern Thin
Side dot : Mother of pearl
Color / Stain : Dark Purple
Fretboard Inlays : Green heart abalone birds with mother of pearl outlines
Headstock Veneer inlays : Green heart abalone Private Stock eagle with mother of pearl outlinesFinish type : High gloss nitro
Pickups : Treble : Bareknuckle Aftermath Bass : Bareknuckle Aftermath
Electronics : Volume, tone with 5-way bladeswitch
Hardware : Gold PRS Gen III tremilo with locking saddles and trem up-rout, phase III set screw locking tuning pegs with ebony buttons as well as Swamp Ash backplates
Set-Up : D'Addario 010
Case type : Private Stock Brown leather
Specials : Dark Purple high gloss niyro finish, green heart abalone bird inlays with mother of pearl outlines, mother of pearl side dots, 25.5 scale length, 10-14" compound radius as well as stainless stssl fretwire,
The wood on this guitar wear personally hand selected by the dealer from the PRS Private Stock Vault.

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